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QuickServe 1.0 Alpha

I’ve been working on a crappy little project to make file sharing much easier in environments where CIFS\SMB permissions are absolute hell. I know it somewhat overrules many security concerns, but the environment I’m referring to is a lab, so it’s OK.

Out of this, quickServe was born. A small little C# application designed to run a tiny HTTP server from the current directory, allowing you to fire it up, browse to the IP of the computer and see the files in that folder, even quickServe – it’s like the lamest manually triggered worm ever.

But it’s aimed at admins who understand sometimes you just need to copy files from A to B but your current configuration doesn’t allow for you to use the standard tools. Fear not, quickServe will load up and listen on port 747 (configurable ports coming soon!), and you’ll be able to download what you need in a flash.

Feedback welcome, but please note this is an alpha release so it’s expected to be buggy. Please direct any comments to

The alpha version can be downloaded here.