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BeamNG Physics Engine Tech Demo

Posted July 23, 2015 Gaming

Back in 2012 a little unknown company called BeamNG came onto the PC gaming scene with promises of highly realistic physics when it comes to simulating cars. A few screenshots and videos were released which looked promising but nothing to get too excited about. I do enjoy a good physics engine so thought I’d check in on them to see just how much they’ve achieved over the last three years.

Well, I wasn’t disappointed. Not only do they have a game on Steam called, which allows you to drive around all types of terrain (though the prominent one looks suspiciously like The Rook Islands from Far Cry), and different vehicles too. You can also get a free tech demo to see if it’s really worth the £18.99 they are asking. I wasn’t convinced until I tried the demo, and I must say… it’s highly satisfying.

I highly recommend downloading and running the tech demo, found here. Check out the official trailer below to see just how good their physics is getting.

BeamNG Physics Engine Tech Demo
Posted July 23, 2015
Written by John Payne