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Travelling Woes

From Sun to Snow...
Posted July 30, 2013 Archive Gaming

It’s been a busy Spring\Summer round here, and I’ve mostly not been in the country to focus on various projects I usually fail to acknowledge anyway, so there’s probably no major sense of loss amongst the regulars, however I have been doing some fascinating stuff, which I’d love to write about.

First up, will be somewhat related to current news stories, detailing practical ways corporations can utilise hardware to monitor and control SSL interception within their network. We’ll also have some news on the new porn filtering which I know many are worried about (because of the freedom issue, of course), and I also have fine-tuned my very basic and incredibly useless C++ socket library (which really does nothing more then send and receive, if you’re lucky…).

Lastly, SimCity has dominated a good portion of the time I have been at home, if you used to rely on it for Business Studies like I did, I highly recommend getting this new one via EA’s Origin service.

Travelling Woes
Posted July 30, 2013
Written by John Payne