The Serpent

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Season 1 Episode 1 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

So we begin. The very first X-Files ever made. It all started as a way to make money, and from what I can tell, Chris Carter didn’t expect the X-Files to become a massive phenomena. First we start with nothing unusual. Scully realises what she’s getting herself into, after being assigned to work with Spooky Mulder, one of FBI’s most unwanted. The two go on their first trip to investigate the disappearance of some kids in Oregon.

Things are not what they seem when the suspects turn out to be from another planet. We are introduced to Scully’s scepticisms, and Mulder’s rather elaborate imagination, however the two manage to see reason - something they will depend upon over the coming years. We also learn just how such a department could exist, seems to be thanks to Mulder’s work on violent crime profiling which he was a part of before creating the X-Files.

Don’t forget the smoking man also makes his appearance from the very beginning, watching over the meetings and initial creation of the X-Files department. Scully soon warms to Mulder’s way of doing things… and they share their first paranormal experience together… loosing 9 minutes of time in the car.

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