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Ghost In The Machine

Season 1 Episode 7 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Time for the cheesiest X-File you’ll ever see. A little reality appears in the form of Mulder’s first partner –Jerry. Jerry seems to look up to Mulder (and even stole his work!), though it doesn’t end too well for him when a physco computer starts killing people in lifts and bathrooms. Not bad for 1993 (Scully runs MS-DOS 6.. yes, I paused it), This time it’s Scully’s turn to face death in the form of an out of control ventilation fan while Mulder gets in trouble with the DOD. However tables turn when Scully’s gun moment is with the DOD rep (notice a pattern with Scully and other law enforcement!), while Mulder kills the all mighty talking computer with a floppy disk. However Deep throat returns to inform us of the DOD’s intentions to use the technology (meaning Deep Throat must have DOD\Military connections). All ends well, or does it…?

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