The Serpent

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Season 1 Episode 17 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Mulder now gets himself closer then ever before to the truth with the help of The Lone Gunmen! A group of three elite nerds who hack their way into the truth of any conspiracy, computer system or cover up. Frohinkie, Langley, and Byers, who we’ll see a lot from in the future. They are my favourites of Scully and Mulder’s sidekicks. Even though Scully refers to them as ‘the most paranoid people she’s ever met.

We also see Deep Throats first lie come out – supposedly to protect Mulder, however it’s he who later reveals his previous connections with the CIA and being responsible for killing any E.B.E (extra-terrestrial biological entity) who happen to land in the United States. The cold, expressionless look on the aliens face was all it took for Deep Throat to want the truth to come out – through Mulder. A vital moment perhaps – we learn of Deep Throats true intentions. He believes Mulder can succeed in letting the truth be known.

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