The Serpent

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Season 1 Episode 21 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 1

Time for a little playful flirting between the two when an old spook from the past comes back. Remember Tooms? The stretchy guy who caused Scully to loose her friend? Well he’s been released and wants to kill again, Mulder is determined not to let the past relive, so goes on a mission to stake out stretchy guy, meanwhile, we are introduced to Mulder and Scully’s first, new assistant director – Skinner! Skinner basically starts his X-Files legacy by reeling Scully in, informing her that these reports aren’t very ‘conventional’, and although they hit the Bureau’s targets, things need to be neater. The smoking man also happens to be listening over Skinners shoulder. Maybe this stretch guy means more then we think?

But onto the flirting! Because of all this attention Scully has been getting, Mulder cautions her – informing her that they have been trying to close the X-Files down for a while, and although Mulder doesn’t care, he doesn’t want Scully to risk her reputation, only to be told that she wouldn’t put her career on the line for anybody… but Mulder. Finally, it could be love if she brings an ice tea.. though it must be fate, since all she had was root beer.

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