The Serpent

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Season 2 Episode 9 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Sometimes, you just wish that Mulder would turn around to some people and answer the question properly. For example, 1 and a bit seasons in, he’s seen quite a lot, and this episode sees Scully back in action chasing some unknown new life form found deep inside a volcano. However since it’s new and unknown – they can’t risk exposure and are once again, caught in cabin fever, though this time not in the middle of the Arctic, but rather the top of a mountain.

At first, Scully rejects the possibility of a new life form being discovered on earth, despite seeing those little worm things previously, and now has her gun moment when Mulder gets jumped by a scared scientist (who happens to be the guy who played the evil hologram in Star Trek: Voyager). Luckily (unlike everyone else on the team).

The usual takes place and they get separated, Mulder heads into the caves to find an killer gone mad, while Scully gets cuffed to a girl who’s about to give birth to a new creature like spawn thing through her throat. Thinking fast to prevent infection, she sticks the woman in a room and closes the door, witnessing the weird creature burst out of the girl, killing her. They avoid exposure but have to spend a month in quarantine.

At least it’s good to see them both back in action. The question you ask? All those people who tell Mulder that if he had seen what they’ve seen… he’d be a different man. I think at the end of this chronicle, I’ll list everything Mulder has seen!

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