The Serpent

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Season 2 Episode 16 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 0

It seems we start to get some answers about the bigger picture when Mulder is convinced he has seen that extra terrestrial life exists on Earth, and that they have began to colonise. He’s risked his life to prove what he believes in, and should he die now – he’d be happy he’s completed his goals. There are many points of interest in this episode, for a start, we meet the first ever Bounty Hunter! He’s introduced when a UFO is spotted over the Arctic, which is later explained to be a Russian aircraft. He is the only survivor. An unknown man who’s been going around killing scientists who all look similar. The strange thing is that each scientist that is killed oozes some green acid like blood, as does the Bounty Hunter when he is shot – but does not die. It also appears that he can morph into other people, giving the illusion of being someone else.

Scully witnesses the strange green acid like substance on the floor, and they also witness a man jump from a apartment window, fall to the ground, only to get up and walk off. Mulder gives chase on foot, only to get hit by a car, and Scully isn’t convinced a CIA agent is who he appears to be. Scully has a gun moment in a warehouse full of green acid. We also get introduced to Mulder’s mother and father in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. He’s informed of a family emergency only to find Samantha has returned! Mulder is stunned, confused and naturally wary.

However she story seems to add up and she identifies the scientists as aliens and the Bounty Hunter who is trying to kill them. Things get very confusing for Scully when Mulder appears at her door, only to then have Mulder call her on her cellphone. Once again, its a two part episode… To be concluded.

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