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Fearful Symmetry

Season 2 Episode 18 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Would you entertain the notion of an invisible elephant running amok in down town Idaho? Mulder would! And wouldn’t you know it, Scully just isn’t ready to believe it. However Mulder believes something stranger is going on… possibly to do with aliens abducting animals, but their return doesn’t seem to go well, placing them usually about two miles from their cages. Mulder manages to get stuck in a cage with a sign language speaking gorilla, who then disappears before his very eyes in a bight light. Only to be returned once again on the side of the road, are the aliens also taking animals to harvest their babies? Scully gets her gun out when she suspects good old logical animal activists are at work. Oh yeah, and we also hear Scully swear: “This guy is really pissing me off”.

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