The Serpent

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The Calusari

Season 2 Episode 21 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 0

Poltergeists are back to haunt a household once again when Mulder and Scully are both witness to some strange goings on. A small kid happens to be the spawn of Satan when he kills his little brother, his dad, grandma and then tries to kill mummy and Scully.

Luckily Mulder is working magic with a bunch of Romanian priests who perform an exorcism, during which he witnesses the bed lift off the floor, and the walls bleed with some kind of goo. Scully attempts to rescue the mother from the poltergeist who has taken on the form of her kid, only to see the windows mysteriously blow out, and the woman pinned against the wall, just below the ceiling, she pauses for several moments to take in the paranormal sight – only to get flung across the room twice by an unknown, invisible force.

Once that’s all out the way and the ghost spirit has been put to rest, they find yet another substance that does not seem to exists – the traces of a poltergeist.

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