The Serpent

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Season 6 Episode 10 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Now for a man who likes to take photographs of peoples deaths in the hope to catch a picture of death himself… so he can eventually die. Sound weird? Scully is assigned to work with an agent from the New York office after being pulled off crappy background check work, Mulder however is left to continue working in the office.

In Kersh’s words, Mulder is a lost cause, but Scully may still prove useful. So she goes to New York only to discover the case may as well be an X-File since this man seems to be over 140 years old and cannot die. He also has a sense for knowing when death is about to happen, after taking Scully out to see a prostitute meet her end. (Scully actually tried to intervene, but didn’t anticipating on a giant truck knocking the prostitute down). Mulder however seems to have ‘unofficial access’ to Kersh’s computer and helps out in the case performing background checks on the suspects.

Things don’t end well for Scully when the old man sense her end is near and the New York agent accidentally shoots her. Still she recovers and Mulder fears they may be separated from now on.

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