The Serpent

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Season 6 Episode 18 Paranormal Movements: 2 Love Moments: 1

Things aren’t getting any better when yet another X-File finds Mulder, in the form of a new neighbour next door who’s writing a book which stars Scully, and a stranger that goes around removing people hearts without surgery.

Confused looks all round when Mulder and Scully come across some victims with their hearts removed but no external wounds to the body, and Scully gets creeped out by Mulder’s weird neighbour who seems to know a lot about her. After enough farting around Mulder finally arrests the freak who turns out is being haunted by the stranger in the book, the stranger tells him that in order to finish it, Scully must die – so as he’s burning what remains of the story, Scully’s shooting at a guy trying to remove her heart, and you know what? He just won’t die.

However thanks to the burnt book, he disappears, the writer dies and everything s back to normal. We also get a little hint towards Scully’s love life when the writer claims he made a mistake attempting to create Scully’s character love interest… stating she’s quite clearly already in love.

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