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Three Of A Kind

Season 6 Episode 20 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

The good times keep on rolling when the Lone Gunmen star in this episode which see’s Scully get drunk!

They are at a convention in Las Vegas trying to find out secrets from a Def Con convention when Frohinkie notices Buyers a little glum. The truth comes out that he’s still going to these conventions to look for Susanne Modeski – and what do you know! She’s there, seen ‘sleeping with the enemy’ quite literately. Buyers gets hurt when he realizes that she’s with her fiancée, who seems to be a major player in DOD defence contracts, so instead of calling Mulder for help, they fake a call from Mulder to Scully, since Mulder is now pretty much a household name for these kind of people.

Scully makes her way to Las Vegas only to find Buyers and Langley attempting to solve the puzzle. Then suddenly, one of their friends (who’s also at the convention digging for secrets) dies, reportedly by suicide – but Buyers things there’s some kind of mind control going on. During the autopsy, Scully gets attacked and injected with a substance which lowers inhibitions and makes subjects become suggestible – basically like being drunk.

Frohinkie finds her at the bar surrounded by men, attempting to smoke a cigarette… and also being chatted up by Morris Fletcher! The DOD guy who swapped places with Mulder during Dreamland and Dreamland II (Though they have no recollection of this, only the water bed in Mulder’s apartment). It turns out that Modeski’s fiancée is actively working against his employers and together with Susanne, they are trying to go public as before – then all of a sudden, Langley is injected, and ordered to kill Susanne.. but not before Frohinkie, Buyers and Modeski come up with an elaborate plan to fake the whole thing.

Turns out it was her fiancée who tried to have her killed. In the end, he gets killed by the Lone Gunmen’s supposed friend, who then gets injected by Buyers and forced to confess to the murders. They change Modeski’s name and allow her to live a new life, she asks Buyers to come with her, but Buyers suggests she’d be safer without him, and they 3 guys head of to the slots.

One of the very first episodes to not feature Mulder at all.

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