The Serpent

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Season 7 Episode 7 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

It’s always nice when previous bad guys come back to say hello, and this is the second time someone’s escaped from prison only to have Mulder and Scully chase them down till they die (X-Files has a two-strike system… step 1: Prison, step 2: Death).

This time is the freak who loves dead women, and their hair\finger nails from season 2 who’s back – but with a slightly more religious meaning to him now. The original case (season 2, episode 13) saw Scully have a bit of a mental breakdown and sought help from the FBI shrink. This time round she’s a bit harder however. But not before she gets kidnapped again! This time it’s in her own home, smacked around good, gun nowhere to be seen and it’s Mulder who kicks the door in to save her.

However at the time Mulder has the bad guy in control – Scully pulls the trigger anyway. She spends the rest of the time wondering weather it was god who wanted her to, or even worse – if it was all her. Either way, yet another pro-Christian religious episode which can get rather repeatable.

However since we know that Mulder and Scully actually saved the world from the apocalypse, we can’t complain.

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