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Par Manum

Season 8 Episode 13 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 1

After the complete disaster that was the last episode, it’s time to leap forward with three big truths coming out about Scully’s baby.

It starts with a man called Duffy Haskell claiming doctors killed his wife and took their baby during birth because… the baby was an alien! She was a multiple abductee and over the course of her abductions, she was exposed to Cancer, cured and then impregnated. Doggett works out that this man’s story sounds strangely like Agent Scully’s past – Scully gets a little upset that Doggett is working his way towards discovering her secret. After a little investigating, Scully works out that perhaps she may be in danger and asks Skinner for a leave of absence.

Still not telling Doggett about the baby, she seeks security and help in an Army medical facility where she plans to have the baby safely. She meets a women who also is pregnant and has the same story. This episode also includes several flash backs featuring conversations between Mulder and Scully – the first being Scully informing Mulder that she can not longer conceive children due to Cancer and is still having a hard time getting over it. Mulder lets out his own truth stating that while he was looking for Scully, he found her ovum in a jar (as you do), and took it to a doctor who stated that if she acts now, she has one last chance to get prego.

All she needs is a male donor. Next we see them talking about it, Mulder tearfully says he’ll be Scully’s donor! Meanwhile, back in the real world, Scully is having an ultrasound in the new Army place, while Doggett does some research into the guy they met at the beginning. With some help from an old friend Knowle Rohrer (Jayne Cobb from Firefly!), he finds out that Duffy Haskell actually died in the 70’s!

Scully also finds a discrepancy with the whole thing when after the ultrasound, she notices that the whole thing was being played from a VCR. With that she makes a break for it with the other pregnant woman. Doggett sends Knowle to help, however after being drugged by Knowle she’s back in the hospital. Scully is convinced she’s in danger and Doggett seems to know it to but doesn’t know how to act.

Finally, we see the last flash back of Scully returning after the donor procedure to Mulder… stating it didn’t work, and that she’s lost her one chance. Mulder and Scully kiss, hug and the episode ends.

All in all a major leap in events – Doggett now knows Scully is pregnant, and everyone (including Skinner) knows there is some kind of conspiracy going on regarding her unborn baby. What they can do about it, we don’t know.

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