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Season 9 Episode 3 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Yep, you guessed it. Now that season 9 has introduced itself, we can get on with the rather dull episodes of the X-Files. This one basically involves Doggett and Monica searching for a killer who is basing murders on demonic type killings.

Monica is sure there’s and evil ‘presence’ in a room, and thinks that maybe the killer is possessed etc etc, but Doggett is using cold hard logic and flat-foot policing to get the job done. Scully is spending her time teaching at the FBI Academy, and gets a little backlash from students asking if she’s slated any vampires lately (she could actually say yes… if we think back to the episode of the vampire town)… but that’s just being pedantic now isn’t it.

Doggett enlists her help when they need a body cut open, and Monica spends her time interviewing the one lead they have in the mental hospital. After a few gruesome murders, Doggett witnesses the mental guy talking in tongue, who them spews pink goo all over Doggett- it’s the same substance that Mulder refers to as the telekinetic residue left over from paranormal events, but Doggett seems to ignore this and forgets about that particular evidence. To wrap it up, Scully manages to get taken hostage again by the crazed killer which is quite an accomplishment as she’s now classroom based and was only on her way home from work, but Doggett saves her by shooting the mental guy.

After Monica and Scully try to convince Doggett that this was an X-File, Doggett works out a pattern that the killer was using and even how he used misdirection to fake his final death.. Everyone’s left a little confused, killer still out there and the crappy cloud effects really top off this cheesy, unexplained semi X-File.

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