The Serpent

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Audrey Pauley

Season 9 Episode 11 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Not quite sure if this makes ‘worst episode ever’, but it certainly comes close when we see Monica get sucked into some kind of dream after incurring brain death.

Following a little friendly flirting with Agent Doggett, she’s involved in a rather nasty car crash and ends up in hospital. Both her doctor and Scully agree that she’s long gone - and they should respect her will and slice her up for organ transplants. Doggett, however isn’t too happy and refuses to believe she’s gone.

Meanwhile Monica meets up with some other trapped patients also in the dream world who seem to start dying at random. Anyway, forty minutes later, we find out that the flower girl can communicate with both sides, and that Monica is living in the flower girl’s (Audrey’s) model sized version of the hospital. Doggett starts a half arsed X-File investigation despite Scully’s objections to just shut up and grieve, and uncovers some questions about the doctor that’s treating her.

Audrey (who was also another character from the X-Files, back in Season 3) manages to show Monica the way out and all is well.

It’s really not that interesting unless you want to see Doggett cry, and he also day dreams about snogging Monica.

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