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Season 9 Episode 13 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

‘Improbable’ as in it’s highly ‘improbable’ that anyone will enjoy this episode. I think it was an attempt to be a fun-file but it just ends up making no sense and the last 2 minutes are two fat old Italians singing.

We start with the tag line “DIO TI AMA”, why this episode deserves its own tag is beyond me. Reyes uses her super non-cop like powers to identify a pattern in unsolved murders linking them to numerology, the killer has no idea why he’s doing it, but some weird guy does - he sees patterns and numbers etc.

I kinda lost interest when Scully and Reyes get stuck in a basement playing checkers and they manage to figure things out in really far fetched stupid ways that work out to be true.

It seems Scully’s character is still on par - but Reyes is just getting a little too powerful for no reason, until that crucial moment where she gets in trouble and super hero Doggett comes in stupidly conveniently to shoot the bad guy.

If you plan on watching this one, you’ll need to sit through an awful soundtrack and switch off your brain.

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