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Anker Astro E7 Charger

Posted June 22, 2015 General

Look no further than here for all your charging needs, be it your phone, tablet, camera – this beast of a battery boasts a charged capacity of 25600mAh with 3 (yes three!) charging ports, all capable of sensing the optimal charging rate for devices connected.

The Anker E7 Charger

I picked one up on Amazon for £50 after having the pleasure of trying one out for a week, and it doesn’t lie about its capabilities. After a lengthy charge (around 14 hours at a full 2 Amps), it easily charges my Nokia Lumia almost 10 (yes TEN!) times before running flat.

It’s not particularly light, but does come with a little travel bag and is a must if your personal electronics keep running flat, look nowhere else as this is the biggest battery for a reasonable price right now.

Anker Astro E7 Charger
Posted June 22, 2015
Written by John Payne