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Cities Skylines II Out Now

It's a beast, but it's worth it
Posted October 24, 2023 Gaming

For those with an eternal love of city builder simulation games, Cities Skylines II is for you. It comes just over eight years since the first game released, and promises to deliver all the realism that mod’s covered since.

There’s one small catch - the game is huge and not quite optimized yet.

My rig struggled on high settings, and it’s no budget PC. But after finding this post, I was able to modify the settings to get the game in a decent playable state.

If you’re planning an all-nighter and want to get the game running smoothly, at the cost of a few clouds looking silly, then check it out for some decent performance tips. With any luck, we’ll see a stream of patches in the immediate future which will allow those settings to return to full on room-cooking speeds.

Cities Skylines II Out Now
Posted October 24, 2023
Written by John Payne