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Get your memory, quick!

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Posted February 1, 2012 Archive

For those who don’t let a little thing like a recession get in the way of keeping that mighty gaming rig in top notch condition, now would be the time to go get yourself some more memory. The stuff is incredibly cheap at the moment, just take a look at Corsair - selling 8GB of DDR3 (1866Mhz) for just £60! If your machine came from a shop, you can be sure that it was shipped with the minimal amount of memory required to allow Windows to boot.

Annoying as this is, it’s totally legal - but in no way does it give you the experience you were hoping for. Doubling your memory gives you a noticeable improvement. For Windows 7 - 8GB is a perfect number. It remains fast, responsive and gives you room to expand. So check out your favourite supplier and get a quote while it’s still cheap. Memory prices always hit the highs and lows, right now - we’re riding the cheap train ;)

Even Dell’s website has taken a little of the price - but the real savings are from online retailers such as Corsair, Ebuyer, Overclockers etc.

Get your memory, quick!
Posted February 1, 2012
Written by John Payne