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Internet Explorer finally Bows out of the Race

Gone but not forgotten, except IE6
Posted May 26, 2022 General

So long Microsoft Internet Explorer - you gave us hell for 25+ years, but yet somehow will still be missed*… a little.

The browser first appeared in Windows 95 as an afterthought when Microsoft finally realised the World Wide Web wasn’t going away and deserved a second look. By that point, browsers such as Mosaic and Netscape were dominating the still very small browser market. But thanks to being pre-installed on Windows ever since, it quickly became a dominant player in the amateur\corporate computing arena.

Check out our article from way back in 2006 where we muse over the great browser wars, featuring some of IE’s most precious years.

From June 15th, Microsoft Edge officially takes over. But this isn’t a new entrant to the wars, no - this is Chrome wrapped up in Microsoft fluffiness. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lightyears ahead of Internet Explorer, and is genuinely the best browser Microsoft have cobbled together so far, but given the fact MS are no longer making a rendering engine for web content, it’s safe to say they finally lost the war.

*Except IE5 through to IE6, you will most definitely not be missed.

Internet Explorer finally Bows out of the Race
Posted May 26, 2022
Written by John Payne