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My New R.A.T Mouse

Better to hold then it looks
Posted January 29, 2012 Archive

My old Logitech MX570 died on me the other week, the clicks started to loose their touch, so to speak. I began the search for a new mouse, something cool looking, insanely precise, highly customizable and comfortable to hold… this is what I found:

The R.A.T 7

Yes it looks a little strange, but you’re seeing its default configuration. The small silver thumb screw at the back actually unscrews into a little allen key which can then be used to adjust the sides, the palm pad, and the angle of the thumb buttons. You can also add/remove small weights to ensure a perfect feel. They really do get some taking used to, especially since the palm rest is much higher then the finger buttons, in practice though, this reduces the red ‘spot’ on the ball of your hand, I also like the little tray on the right hand side to stop your little finger rubbing against the table. Well worth it if you have around £80 to spend on a mouse, oh and if you’re not sold yet… check out the little red button next to your thumb ;)

My New R.A.T Mouse
Posted January 29, 2012
Written by John Payne