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Reviving The Commodore 64

Posted July 6, 2015 Gaming History

We’re going through a bit of a heatwave here in the south of England, so what better way to ride it out then to start a new indoors project that requires little movement. I’ve dug out the old Commodore 64 from the garage, and after purchasing a cheap old CRT TV, shall be firing it up for a game of Outrun and Chips Challenge, that’s assuming it boots, which I’m not expecting it to.

But then comes the crux of the project, just how easy is it to fix up an old Commodore? If this goes well, I’ll get the old NES out as well for a tune up, that’s assuming I can make the required cables for connecting this all up.

The old C64, only one key missing.

The C64

Reviving The Commodore 64
Posted July 6, 2015
Written by John Payne