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Servers ain’t so tough

Is Windows getting easier, or are people getting thicker?
Posted January 4, 2012 Archive Windows

This screenshot comes from a bit of software you may not know directly, but probably use on a regular basis when viewing remote sites. It costs around £3,000 for a single licensable version of it’s ‘meatier’ edition, with as much as tens of thousands of pounds for server farms. An entire industry exists around it, server administrators can easily earn a comfortable wage of around £30,000-£40,000 for knowing how to set it up, maintain it and upgrade it. It’s a very well established line of work. So why, I ask you.. Does Windows Server 2008 now include this message box when you go to shut the damn thing down:

WTF?Yes I’m using a remote session - so it stands to reason there may be no way to get the thing back - but people using servers should know this. Before you even see this, most server operating systems require a reason entered into the log, this in itself stops you ‘accidentally’ powering off something being used by half the planet, but this extra message just seems a little, childish. Come on Microsoft, MAYBE put this in Windows 7 Home Starter-Nervous-Its-My-First-Time Edition, but a server operating system? I think we’re being a bit too careful.

Servers ain't so tough
Posted January 4, 2012
Written by John Payne