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SimCity comes to the UK… Tonight!

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Posted March 7, 2013 Archive Gaming

For those of you who remember the good old days of blocky graphics, MS-DOS compatibility mode, and late nights in front of an overly bright CRT monitor - You’ll love the fact that SimCity, possibly the greatest simulation ever made (very close to TrainSim I might add!) is due out tonight at midnight on Origin.

Simply called ‘SimCity’ - this new version is stunning, creative, and every bit as enjoyable as the heyday of SimCity 2000. After playing the beta, I can confidently say old fans will love it, and new ones will certainly get a grip on matters that mean nothing in youth, but later become your everything ;)

So if you haven’t already brought it, go get it now.. I command you!

SimCity comes to the UK... Tonight!
Posted March 7, 2013
Written by John Payne