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Sky Fibre (Via BT) Now Available

Kept that secret, didn't ya!
Posted May 22, 2012 Archive

Sky didn’t exactly make a big deal out of it, but they’ve gone ahead and purchased some precious fibre cabinet real estate from BT Openreach - the independent organisation responsible for all this wonderful new fibre snaking its way through Britain. This allows Sky to compete with BT and provide speeds of up to 80Mbps to customers within earshot of a fancy new BT Infinity cabinet.

I’m not sure why they didn’t go on a massive marketing spree, and even their site seems to advise some customers within BT Infinity’s range that their service is unavailable, but if you give them a call - you might be surprised, and find the service is within your reach. The offer from Sky is much more appealing for existing customers, especially since the Sky line rental and broadband package is cheaper then BT.

The best way to find out if you qualify is check out the BT Infinity site and see if your phone line qualifies. If you can get BT Infinity, you’re likely to qualify for Sky Broadband Fibre. Conditions include switching to Sky line rental (a little over £2 cheaper then BT), and a 12 month contract. There is also no monthly cap (except the usual ‘fair use’), BT only offer unlimited cap on their Infinity 2 package, which is around £40 per month.

More ISP’s will start offering super fast fibre once they purchase cabinet space. So far, Virgin (via cable), BT and Sky are the only ones covering the masses.

Sky Fibre (Via BT) Now Available
Posted May 22, 2012
Written by John Payne