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TrueCrypt Lives On As VeraCrypt

Posted June 25, 2016 Infosec

For you paranoid folk out there who went ahead and microwaved every physical media device possible shortly after TrueCrypt went down the toilet, there’s hope yet again! VeraCrypt has reached a stage of maturity where it no longer suffers from some of the woes of its predecessor from which it was forked.

If you’re in need of a little background, TrueCrypt was considered a pretty decent disk encryption suite a number of years ago. It was fast, there were no news-breaking stories about it leaking data and everyone was generally happy that it did a good job, it even had a plausible deniability feature that made it especially attractive to users of nations with forced enc

Except there were a few caveats. No one had any idea who really developed it, and what code was available for public scrutiny was rather convoluted and therefore no conclusions were drawn as to its safety, this made the more extreme tin-foil-hat people very uneasy.

Cue VeraCrypt – a fork created from TrueCrypt by the encryption guys IDRIX, which have now patched their latest release to make it a little more secure then TrueCrypt ever was. A full code review is also under way to remove any further doubt of those pesky back-doors that overshadowed TrueCrypt in its final days.

TrueCrypt Lives On As VeraCrypt
Posted June 25, 2016
Written by John Payne