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Ubuntu Unity

Friend or foe...
Posted December 27, 2011 Archive

It’s been almost a year since Ubuntu dropped Gnome and created their very own desktop experience. Called ‘Unity’, it was initially met with fierce skepticism, since many believed there wasn’t really much wrong with Gnome. I personally hated Unity when I started with it in Ubuntu 11, but it’s slowly grown on me, and I’m curious what others think? So has Unity made your life easier? Has it converted you to Linux (as so many other interfaces have tried!). See what you think…

Unity Interface

Unity InterfaceIt doesn’t really fit in what the traditional Linux look and feel (basically console windows and ugly text editors), so I understand how some die hard Linux fans really must hate this new interface, but isn’t that the beauty of open source? There’s always an alternative? Unity may take a lot more resources then Gnome in my opinion, but it does give a much more user friendly experience, something that may help bring Linux to a user facing kiosk near you!

Ubuntu Unity
Posted December 27, 2011
Written by John Payne