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Year 2004 Roundup

Posted December 31, 2004 Archive
CoolTrax Drivers
Published June 13, 2004

Thanks for the massive response to the Cooltrax MP3 drivers, we've had over 600 downloads since publishing. If anyone has any other drivers they are struggling to find, please let us know via the feedback page!

Other drivers due to be posted soon: Hollywood Plus DVD Decoder (previously sold by Novatech) and Concord Digital Camera.

Daniel Beddingfield's (un)official Website
Published June 13, 2004

As you do, sitting at work listening to the radio, slagging off Daniel Beddingfield's weird droney song about 'being the one' or something stupid, we decided to check out his IT skills by looking at his very own website...

Only we couldn't find it.

You see, in a previous life, Daniel used to be a web designer. My friend pointed out an interesting hypothesis. Did he design his own fan base website for all the little teenie-bopper followers to ogle his beard?

Well no, because we couldn't find it. So there you have it, we can temporarily consider The Serpent to be a Daniel Be-ding-field unofficial fan site...or not.

What's this all about? With me loving Evanescence (I have tickets!) and Dan (my bud @ work!) enjoying all ranges of alternative music, we think Daniel Beddingfield should broaden his horizons a little, or in the words of Dan, we'll come round and Be-ding him.

The new look Serpent is here! Let us know what you think...
Published June 13, 2004

Welcome to the new Serpent look!

Hopefully, the design hasn't confused your browser too much and this text is somewhat readable, if you are having problems, please let us know via the feedback form!

All the old content is still here, including the ever popular Cooltrax drivers, to the still inspiring Daniel Beddingfield (un)official website. ah hem. Please explore, visit, induldge, and emerse yourself in our content, if you are looking for something or something don't look right... please let us know :)

Year 2004 Roundup
Posted December 31, 2004
Written by John Payne