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The Erlenmeyer Flask

Season 1 Episode 24 Paranormal Movements: 3 Love Moments: 0

Finally, we reach the end of Season 1, instead of being told ‘the truth is out there’, we are told to ‘trust no one’, something Mulder remembers throughout the episode. Tensions run high when Deep Throat points Mulder to a news bulletin, which doesn’t seem very promising, and Mulder almost decides that perhaps the old mysterious man is just playing on Mulder’s own sense of curiosity. That is until they learn quite a few truths very quickly.

For a start, Scully finds out that a substance found at a crime scene is by all definitions extra terrestrial – meaning it does not exist in nature, she apologies to Mulder for not believing him from the beginning, while Mulder discovers a room full of live bodies in tanks – to which Deep Throat explains they have been testing human-alien hybrids since 1947. Though Roswell was only a smokescreen. They’ve had much better salvages since then. Mulder manages to get himself kidnapped again when one such test subject gets shot in the neck, oozing green toxic goo from his wound – the first of the green alien blood in the X-Files.

It is mentioned that Scully has briefly met Deep Throat once, but now she must work with him to free Mulder from his capturers, by turning over the evidence to prove what they have discovered – a strange baby found in a container, with a peculiar shaped head. She exchanges this for Mulder, which then suddenly sees the death of Deep Throat, his last words to Scully – ‘Trust no one’. Finally, word comes down from the top, through Skinner and into Mulder… The X-Files has been closed down.

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