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Little Green Men

Season 2 Episode 1 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Life starts for Scully and Mulder in their new reassigned careers. Mulder an electronics surveillance operative, and Scully teaching at the FBI academy. Passing within a foot of each other in the corridor shows Scully that Mulder may be loosing hope, she arranges a meeting with him – just to see if he’s OK. Seems like she worries about him. Mulder confesses he may have just been chasing ‘little green men’ during his time with the X-Files, and he wonders if the abduction of his sister; Samantha… actually happened.

We also get our first look at Samantha in the form of a picture on his desk. So once again we see Mulder going on a one man mission to find the truth, from a tip off from an unknown man – presumably from Mulder’s training days. He finds himself doubting the people who provide him information, remembering Deep Throats words ‘trust no one’. Almost about to loose hope, and suddenly it happens. The machines fire up and the evidence comes pouring in, he even witnesses the same alien standing in the doorway that he remembers from seeing Samantha being carried out the window.

He confesses to his recordings, and to Scully that he’s glad he still has her, even though she’s been taken away from him, and that she is the only one he can trust. Still continuing with his word, he vowels never to stop searching for the truth.

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