The Serpent

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Season 2 Episode 4 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

This is as they say, where the plot thickens. While Mulder is on the hunt for a killer making right what his squad done in the past – we are introduced to two new characters in the X-Files legacy. Alex Krycek, Mulder’s new partner assigned to finding the crazed ex military experiment gone wrong. Mulder uses his usual charm to make it apparent that he will work with no one other then Scully, however that’s not enough to shake Krycek off. After a little coldness between the two, Mulder begins to believe Krycek’s supposedly genuine curiosity for Mulder’s theories.

Scully on the other hand isn’t best pleased and shirks the chance to shake his hands on their first meeting. Despite a young, eager Krycek who’s willing to help, Mulder still relies on Scully to assist him, and the two solve the case in their usual manor, while spending a few awkward moments on the phone. Mulder jokes about how he managed to put up with Scully pessimism and poking holes in his theories for so long, and that Krycek is instantly open minded.. followed by a long, meaningful silence. However it doesn’t take long to realise where Krycek’s loyalty lies when Mulder’s new ally – someone we only know to be associated with Deep Throat, and contacted Mulder previously informing him that the X-Files should be reinstated, gives them evidence the Military obtained. Somehow this falls into Krycek’s hand, which then delivers it back to… the smoking man, stating that Scully is going to be a problem.

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