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Duane Barry

Season 2 Episode 5 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Early on in Season 2 we see the first ever two parter of the X-Files, which is back to the good ol’ theme of aliens. Mulder manages to get himself kidnapped – for a third time, by what appears to be an alien abductee known as Duane Barry, but not before getting a little airtime in speedo’s for those who enjoy that. Throwing the universal hostage play book out the window, Mulder and his new partner in crime Krycek head to the scene, where Mulder relates to the kidnapper, only to find that Scully learns of Duane’s true psychosis and happens to be a pathological liar.

But once again, when order is restored, they find another strange object in the bad guys gums – Scully surprises us again with her scepticism by claiming it’s mostly likely some tangible (completely ignoring the fact she found a similar object that could not be traced to any substance known to man in the first episode), until the tables turn – and she is kidnapped. End of part one.

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