The Serpent

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Season 2 Episode 6 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Now that Scully has been kidnapped, Mulder is expressing more emotion then we’ve ever seen before. Scully’s mother makes her first major role, and the episode is one of few that start with a different message of the day – ‘Deny everything’, instead of the usual ‘The truth is out there’. Tension grows when Mulder starts to really show his colours when Scully isn’t found, despite the fact that Duane Barry remains, claiming that Scully has been ‘taken’ by them.

However the truth comes out a little when Mulder finds cigarettes in Krycek’s car.. and we learn that the smoking man has ‘taken care’ of Scully. Though evidence remains she’s still alive. With Mulder having lost the only person he cares about, and possible accusations that he may have murdered Duane Barry once he’s found dead, things become a little clearer when Skinner buys the evidence that points the finger at Krycek, who doesn’t turn up for work.

So with Scully gone – only her cross necklace remains in Mulder’s pocket, Skinner begins to believe there is more going on then he knows, using the only weapon he has, he joins Mulder’s fight and re-opens the X-Files, it’s the only thing they are afraid of. So we’ve learned of a new ally the smoking man has made – Krycek, and Scully is no where to be seen. Remember this episode as Scully’s abduction!

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