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Soft Light

Season 2 Episode 23 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Next we meet one of Scully’s students from way back in academy days. Now a young detective, working on her first case, Kelly goes to Scully for help with her first case – people looking they’ve spontaneously combusted. Looking around their first crime scene, Scully actually takes interest in a heating vent – when questioned by the detective about the plausibility of someone getting in through it, Mulder replies ‘You never know’, a reference to the 3rd episode.

Sufficed to say, Kelly winds up dead (as with most of Scully and Mulder’s FBI friends), but they do manage to find a guy who’s been messing around with dark matter, his shadow being a weapon without choice. No gun moments for Scully and Mulder, however Mulder does have it out with Deep Throats predecessor when he will not help release the suspect – who is convinced the government will turn him into a weapon. However, once Mulder’s new aid learns of this man, he too tries to take him captive, failing and leaving with nothing. Mulder asks him to promise him one thing – that this be there last meeting.

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