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Our Town

Season 2 Episode 24 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 1

It’s been a few episodes since Scully’s been kidnapped so here we go again. This time an entire town kidnap her for interfering with their cannibalistic rituals and after she witnesses one be-heading (OK so it’s not paranormal, but pretty horrific, we thought it needed highlighting), she almost ‘looses’ her head to. However Mulder saves her life with a rather scooby-do ending of shooting the masked guy about to slice her, removing the mask to reveal – it’s the sheriff! Still, he was overly helpful for an X-File law enforcer.

Once again, the two share a moment at the time of saving with Mulder gently brushing the hair out of Scully’s eyes, whispering if she’s OK, and then glaring into each others eyes for an uncomfortably long period.

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