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Season 2 Episode 25 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

(Three part episode; part 1)\r\nNow for the final episode of Season 2, and what a start it gets off to! Chris Carter sure knows how to progress a story, and this season finale leaps forward in the major underlying plot of aliens on Earth. We’ll start by introducing the phrase “ÉÍ ‘AANÍÍGÓÓ ‘ÁHOOT’É”, instead of the usual “The Truth Is Out There”. It seems a common theme now to replace the intro text with something different on season finale’s. This translates to “The truth is far from here” in Navajo.

First of all, Mulder seems a little tense, and things get worse when he receives files from ‘The Thinker’ – a free anarchist who’s ambitions are similar to that of Mulder. The Thinker manages to steal a copy of the classified ‘MJ Documents’ from the Department Of Defence. Through The Lone Gunmen, he gets the files to Mulder, who then has the whole US government after him. We learn a tonne of new developments very quickly, such as the fact Skinner and Mulder release some tension, when Mulder punches him right in the face outside his office – no doubt just a little tetchy.. Still Skinner lets him walk! Then, who should turn up at Mr and Mrs Mulder’s house but… The Smoking man! We learn that Smoking man and Mr Mulder (Bill) have some history together, and that his name are in the leaked files.

This must point to the conclusion that Mulder’s dad has kept the truth from him, and that he’s worked with the Smoking man on secret UFO related projects – therefore has known about their existence all along. Smoking man assures Bill that he’s been keeping Mulder out of trouble for the last year and a half, so there would be no reason to have him killed should he attempt to leak the files, but if Mulder learns that his fathers name is in the files… well things could get very complicated for the Mulder family. Which doesn’t take too long. Bill decides it’s time to level with his son, after all, he’s smarter then he gave credit for. Just before Bill gets to tell Mulder what’s been going on… who should appear from behind the shower curtain but… Krycek! One shot later and he’s gone out the the window, Mulder rushes to investigate, only to find his farther lying on the floor. Holding him close, Bill manages to whisper the last words he’ll ever speak… ‘Forgive me’.

Meanwhile, Scully looks for Mulder in his apartment, the abandoned ‘X’ on the window yielded no help – especially since Mulder cut him off a couple of episodes ago. When suddenly a shot is fired through Mulder’s window, narrowly missing Scully and embedding in the wall. Mulder, almost about to loose it, seeks help from Scully, she gives him a bed for the night and lets him rest, giving him a cold flannel and basically mothering him. Meanwhile, without telling Mulder – she gets the gun tested.. after the outburst with Skinner, she’s not sure what’s happening to Mulder’s mental state, naturally he doesn’t take to kindly to this, and over the phone accuses Scully of not trusting him, after all, from day one she’s been debunking his work, writing her little notes, now is not the time he’s willing to give out his trust.

To add to the mess, Mulder runs into Krycek outside his apartment, and another fist fight later, has him at gunpoint. Convinced Krycek is responsible for his father’s murder, Mulder is more then willing to take the shot – Scully however, plants one in Mulder’s shoulder before he gets the chance to squeeze the trigger, and Krycek runs of into the night. Eventually, Mulder and Scully find a codebreaker to decipher the MJ Documents out in New Mexico. Scully learns that her name is in these documents, giving her a reason to skip Skinners calls for meetings and devote her time and effort into helping Mulder find out what’s going on. They learn they are not far from hard evidence of alien existence. Mulder takes to the desert, where he finds a buried train car, inside full of bodies… not quite human either. Unlucky for Mulder through, Smoking man tracked his cellphone, and burns the car with Mulder still inside. End of part one.

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