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The Blessing Way

Season 3 Episode 1 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

(Three part episode; part 2)
\r\nWe start season 3 where we left of with Mulder’s whereabouts unknown, or even if he’s still alive, and things aren’t looking too good for Scully when she’s accused of hiding the data tape that started this whole incident. Luckily for Mulder, he’s been buried under a load of rock, saving him from the scavenging birds above. The native villagers at Navajo restore his health, during which he sees visions of Deep Throat, warning him that his life must go on, and not to succumb to the spirit world just yet. His father also stops by to tell him about the pain he suffered by lying to Mulder all these years. A combination of which restores Mulder’s conciousness and faith.

Meanwhile, Scully is suspended without pay and her badge and gun taken away from her, over allegations she may have withheld information about Mulder. Alone and confused, things get worse when she discovers and unusual metallic object in the back of her neck. After having it extracted, little is known about it other then the fact it looks like a tiny circuit. We also see the first ever appearance of the secret society members – the Smoking man’s colleges, the well manicured man, and the big guy who’s yet to get an identity. They confirm that containment has been established and the tape should be no threat – though still not recovered.

Despite this, Scully is a problem. When attending Bill Mulder’s funeral, she meets with the well manicured man who warns her that her life is in danger. Indeed it is when Krycek breaks into her home and shoots…. Melissa! Scully’s sister. Getting confused about who will kill her, Scully exercises caution when Skinner appears outside her home, he claims to have the tape – but we end with the two of them at gunpoint. Mulder returns to his mothers home unexpectedly, alive and well. Looking for evidence to link his fathers work to something he can’t put his finger on, he flicks through dad’s old photo’s.

Though Mulder doesn’t seem to notice one person he should do standing out… Deep Throat. This episode is also the first and only (to date) that has been dedicated to someone’s memory. Larry Wells, 1946 – 1995.

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