The Serpent

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Season 3 Episode 10 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

(Two part episode; part 2)
\r\nSo Mulder’s on the train and Scully’s researching something in her neck. The episode has a different tag line then others, this time it’s “Apology Is Policy”. Scully questions Mr X and wants answers, even drawing a gun on him which is quickly snatched away.

We are introduced to two new characters, the first has answers for Scully when she looks to find out why the implant in her neck has been recording her thoughts. It leads her to the Hanson’s Disease Research facility, where the fat man from the secret society talks to Scully about the experiments Japanese scientists have been doing. Basically allowed to do what they want. Mulder on the other hand meets a new NSA agent, who kills the lead scientist and manages to get locked in the car with some kind of creature, the origin of which we do not know, they look human, but with enough changes to possibly be an alien\human hybrid. The NSA agent tries to convince Mulder (after attempting to strangle him with a piano wire) that the creature is a weapon, used to infect populations simply by existing among them. Luckily Scully saves Mulder by finding out the code to escape and gets the door open, only to result in Mulder getting a rather savage beating from the NSA man.

Who should take care of things but…. Mr X! He kills the NSA guy, carries Mulder away from the train seconds before it explodes. Mulder does not know how he got out or what happened to the train, but we end with the Smoking man standing beside a Japanese man translating what appears to be Japanese journals.

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