The Serpent

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Season 3 Episode 11 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Time for Scully to call the shots when the X-Files takes on religion again. This time, the devil is in the form of some guy chasing god’s followers in a true battle of good versus evil. Mulder seems to have a hard time accepting this and just thinks it’s some guy who’s a little too fanatical. Despite this, some get gets stigmata and can kill people with extreme heat emitted from his hands. Scully uses her own faith to follow the suspect while Mulder follows the facts. A total role reversal.

Scully complains that whenever Mulder sees a light in the sky, he’s convinced it’s an alien – yet whenever god creates a miracle, it’s a load of crap. So she goes it alone when despite all the science in the world, she has been chosen to protect the kid, and a fine job she does to! A new side to Scully comes to light when she goes to confession, stating it’s been six years since she lasts visited church. Scully wants to know if miracles can really happen, and speaking to Mulder about this (who she calls a friend!) will not do, even though she can usually talk to him about anything.

She’s afraid of not hearing what god may be saying, and she.. or Mulder, may not be listening. The kid promises to see her again soon.. We’ll look out for him.

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