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War Of The Coprophages

Season 3 Episode 12 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Sometimes, Chris Carter just wants to creep his audience out. This episode certainly does that, when cockroaches go crazy and start killing people, Mulder gets bored with Scully’s scientific rants on the phone about how statistically impossible it is for life to exists elsewhere and playfully asks her what she’s wearing. Knowing Mulder’s character, nothing was meant by this, but I felt it was worth mentioning.

Scully spends the first half of the episode at home – one of the few times we get to see her relax, eat and wash little people-eater in the sink. But all is disturbed when the killings get worse, and Mulder needs his partner. Now wouldn’t you know it, but whenever something strange is going on in a quiet little American town, there’s usually a government building somewhere nearby which Mulder has to break into? Well he does it again, only to find a house which has been intentionally infested with the bugs by the department of agriculture. The lead scientist of which happens to make Mulder melt inside, he even blows Scully off whenever she calls, just to fain an interest in bugs with this new women he’s obviously attracted to. Could this be Mulder’s second fling?! Well it appears so.

Bambi (yes, her name is Bambi!) seems to like Mulder too, but she prefers her work more.. just like Mulder. Things get even more confusing when one of the legs of the bugs turns out to be mechanical… meaning someone, or something might be manufacturing these creatures. Naturally Mulder assumes they are from another planet (due to the level of technology needed), and are being used to spy on us. As they come to this conclusion, the director thought it would be good to have a bug crawl across the screen, a nice… spooky touch.

It’s a creepy episode that is also incredibly funny if your into the sarcastic side of the X-Files. Mulder gets confronted with a large, almost technical looking bug at the end, and as the end credits come up, you can hear a faint cockroach squeak. Also, when Mulder is typing his end field notes, instead of saying ‘organism’ which appears on screen, you can quite clearly make out that he’s saying orgasm. He also tells Scully she smells bad. All round, a rather creepy crawly, funny episode.

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