The Serpent

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Season 3 Episode 13 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Before you know it were back with satanic cults going around killing high school kids. The twist with this episode you ask? Scully is on her period! Never before have we seen so much tension between the two, with many occasions of Scully biting Mulder’s head off, accusing him of everything under the sun.

Not quite sure what’s going on but Scully certainly is expressing a lack of interest in the case, while also accusing Mulder of expressing to much interest in the local detective. Either way, Mulder believes there is something strange at work, in the form of two best friends who are up to no good, able to perform actions with a simple thought. However is more going on then we know? When relaxing in their own rooms for the evening, we see Mulder enjoying ice cream mixed with Vodka, and Scully enjoying a cigarette! Things get worse when the detective stops by Mulder’s motel room with her dead cats collar, downs the rest of the Vodka, and pushes Mulder onto the bed.

Mulder, being the guy he is resists, until they end up kissing. Then who should walk in on them but a pissed off Scully, informing them of another death. With everyone feeling rather depressed, Mulder and Scully have another snap about who gets to drive, and why Mulder always gets to drive, to which he replies ‘I just wasn’t sure your little feet could reach the pedals’. It turns out that the two girls are being affected by the alignments of the planets and have all the focus of the cosmos at them, this rubs off onto everyone else.

Once Mulder and Scully get the two girls into the police station, some weird things start to happen. First of all, all the furniture starts to move around the room, then all their guns start firing at their own accord, and the entire building shakes. From midnight on, all is well. Overall a very good, funny episode that really shows Scully and Mulder and piss each other off. Two good episodes in a row.

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