The Serpent

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Season 3 Episode 14 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Mulder goes deep into the mind of a killer next to uncover the truth behind what looks like a copycat killer. This episode lets us see just how far Mulder is willing to go to get things done when an old teacher from his violent crime days requests his help. The two never seemed to get on, and this case is no exception, Mulder manages to learn the truth that he’s after some strange gargoyle like creature that’s been haunting the streets.

Scully and Skinner begin to worry about his mental state when he gets deeper into the mind of the thing and doesn’t accept anyone’s help. Weather he’s trying to prove something to Bill… we don’t know. Either way, turns out there’s not much X-filey stuff to this case, and it’s Bill himself who’s become obsessed with the killer he was chasing for 3 years. Mulder comes close, when his apartment gets new wallpaper – drawings the killer made over the same time period. Mulder shoots the bad guy and everyone live happily ever after.

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