The Serpent

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Season 3 Episode 17 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 1

We start of with some guy doing his shopping (point of interest, he picks up a newspaper which has a picture of the strange fish\Chernobyl accident guy from a few episodes back, and the sub-headline reads “Girl raised by squirrels for 15 years found begging for nuts in park”). Once the FBI grab him and arrest him, he escapes using solely the power of will – that is, he can influence peoples thoughts. With such a cool ability (in fact it ranks joint first with my most wanted X-File power, in line with lightning guy!), he uses it to infiltrate the FBI Headquarters, mind controls Holly, the computer records operator into helping him access information – and then, as a result of an intrusion from Skinner, sprays him with maze, and kicks him a few times in the stomach. Poor Skinner, this is the second time he’s been beaten up.

All’s well that ends well though when the killer takes an interest in Mulder, calling him a worth adversary. Mulder goes in alone to rat him out, only to find himself, the killer and Scully sitting around a table under the power of his thought playing Russian Roulette. Scully sees reason as always and pulls the fire alarm to make a distraction, giving Mulder time to unload the gun into the ‘pushers’ direction. Mulder and Scully, realising their brush with death was pretty close this time, hold hands and walk out the hospital room.

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