The Serpent

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Teso Dos Bichos

Season 3 Episode 18 Paranormal Movements: 1 Love Moments: 0

Wouldn’t you know it? But it doesn’t take long for Chris Carter to write another episode involving cults, religion and all sorts of typical other worldly subjects. This time, something’s been dug up from an excavation site and it’s not too happy about it. From that point on, people start dying. It looks like animals are killing them, ranging from rats, cats and even Jaguars, but Mulder knows what’s going on. The curse has been awakened and the animals know about it. When searching a sewer, a bunch of cats go crazy and attack Scully.. rather odd. Once the bones are returned, everything stops without explanation. Scully’s slacking on her gun moment, when searching an old museum she’s not ready and pays for it with a few scratches, but in general… nothing wowed me in this episode.

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