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Hell Money

Season 3 Episode 19 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Ghosts are back in fashion, but not as much as I thought. Mulder and Scully go on the search for the reasons behind why a load of guys keep dying in Chinatown because their organs are being removed. Turns out they are all members of a game, which sees them either wining the two million dollar prize money (which they’ll never get), or loosing an organ. Even the local law enforcement cop is in on it, seriously hindering Mulder and Scully’s work. They get a break when searching a lead they find the game has been disturbed by a pissed off copper and guns at the ready to prevent the lovable Chinese man from loosing his heart (literately). There are a few characters that lurk around graveyards in scary masks – this may be the ghost, but I think it’s mostly surrounding Chinese legend rather then X-Files.

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