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Jose Chungs From Outer Space

Season 3 Episode 20 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Jose Chung’s up next to tell the story of an alien abduction in what is usually regarded as the best X-Files ever made, and I couldn’t agree more. This episode is a break from the X-Files, but still being an X-File within itself. The very tongue in cheek nature of this one had be laughing throughout, plus, look out for a character we’ve seen before.. .Yappi – the annoying fortune telling jerk!

Basically, one of Scully’s favourite authors come to town (the fictional Jose Chung), interested in writing a book about alien abductions. His basis for which is that Aliens and UFO’s could be regarded as non-fiction science fiction. Speaking to Scully (Mulder doesn’t tell his story till the end) about one such abduction, the episode is played out in the eyes of those who experienced and witnessed it, naturally leading on a path of hear-say and speculation, with a lot of twists and turns.

Nothing seems to make sense and if there is actually a story behind this, it will take a few passes of the DVD to understand. But one such message I did pick up on could have been when Mulder approached the author towards the end, pleading with him not to publish the book for fear it will only discredit alien abductees, and make the respectability of life on other worlds much lower then it already is. Perhaps this is a message from the writers? Either way, the episode is confusing, and your not really sure what’s supposed to have happened to the agents.

All we know is that it exists to make us laugh, give us a break from the spooky X-Files, it’s also an episode that truly shows us what aliens might look like. This one is not for those who hate big grey heads. Whatever happened, I had a bleepin’ good time watching it.

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