The Serpent

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Season 3 Episode 22 Paranormal Movements: 0 Love Moments: 0

Going back to basics, Mulder is on the hunt for some kind of Loch Ness monster going around killing people in or near the lake, and he drags Scully and Little people eater along with him. However little people eater (Queequeg) isn’t really in it for long when he mysteriously goes running in the woods, only his collar returning. Poor Scully.

Still it’s not like we got massively attached to the dog – I mean realistic, how could Scully look after a dog in her line of work anyway? She’s never home! You also might see two familiar faces in this episode – The stoner teen kid with blonde hair, and the ginger girl were both in the cockroach episode from earlier in the season, though Scully and Mulder don’t explicitly acknowledge this.

After a few more deaths, Mulder decides it’s time to find this thing and hires a boat. In the middle of nowhere they detect a large object moving closely towards them at high speed, hitting the boat with enough force to put several large holes in it, causing it to sink. Mulder and Scully manage to seek safety on a nearby rock, which also gives them time to chat. Scully gives us the story behind little people eaters real name, a character from Moby Dick. She also recalls that Mulder is much like Ahab, another character that reminded her of her father. The chat leads them into a deep sense of understanding amongst each other, one of the few moments they pause to connect.

All is saved when they realise they are only a short walk from the coast, only to find out the killer is a pissed off hungry alligator. Mulder was too ready to believe ‘Big Blue’ was out there (no, not IBM), but we are treated to a dark clip of him at the very end (which no one else saw!) :)

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